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We produce great and unique lighting design elements for various outdoor uses. We mainly focus on a wide range of stairs, treads and posts. We do not limit our product range to fixed products, which is why we are happy to fit your lighting into any supplied material.

Permanent Sale of Oak and Sandstone Garden - Outdoor Steps - Slippers - Night Vision Lines

The double-sided border Line is inserted into the material. Color Green and white – Garden – Outdoor. The lines are self-recharged by daylight without any electrical equipment. In the dark, it illuminates and guides you all the time without any glare. The size of the Line is 6 x 8 mm. 10-year luminosity guarantee. However, the lines will be lit throughout the lifetime of the material. The paten and guarantee guarantees that the environment is not endangered. The lines are washable with water. Beautiful Appearance – High Durability – Unmistakable Elegance.

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We launched a great and unique technology for night lighting of our products on the market in 2022. At the beginning of our operation, we installed guide light lines exclusively in high-quality oak wood from our forged company Over time, our Glowing Lines have grown into any kind of wood – stones – concrete – plastics and metals. Light Lines are intended exclusively for outdoor use and are washable with water.

You have already laid stable material in your space and would like our lines. We can apply the lines to your material in your space without dismantling the material. Consultation required.

Unique product
Thanks to our patented technology, this is a truly exceptional product.
High lifetime
We guarantee a luminosity of min. 10 years. The luminosity level decreases after 2 to 4 years by approx. 1% the expected luminance is for the entire lifetime of the material.
Automatic recharge

Forget unsightly cables. Recharging is automatic, only by daylight.

Elegant accessory
An exclusive design element that will add a sense of elegance and uniqueness to your garden and outdoor space.
The lines are completely harmless to health and do not pose a threat to the environment. Our Protection Patent guarantees quality and originality.
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